3rd Future Workshop Procurement: Procurement becomes more agile and faster

At the center of the third Future Workshop Procurement of amc Group and Cologne Business School (CBS) in 2019 was the topic of agility, for which Dr. Ulrich Anders, Professor of Strategic Management at CBS, provided an excellent theoretical background at the start. From then on, agile Scrum teams developed the concept of an agile procurement agency in sprints and considered how best to market the procurement activities of such an agency. The goal of all the teams was to make procurement faster, more attractive for cooperation with the specialist departments and more effective in terms of the capacities used and their output. This was worked out using the example of sub-processes such as tendering.

Kanban in Procurement

It quickly became clear that processes that buyers had previously considered and supported as a whole can now be broken down very easily into smaller sub-steps, similar to the Kanban principle known from production, the completion of which is already triggered by the next steps. In this way, capacities can be distributed much better, bottlenecks can be identified and the process (in this case the tender) gains momentum.

Also in Procurement: self-organized Teams

Procurement as a product, buyers as product owners using the example of a tendering project, specialists who take care of sub-processes in changing, self-organized teams depending on the product and sprint: Agile concepts will change procurement, this was clearly demonstrated in this workshop. All participants showed a high level of commitment to optimizing procurement structures and thus better solving the pressing problems of everyday life (time-to-market, costs, quality). The teams and their products confirmed that agile concepts and Kanban principles are the right approaches for this (the concepts were presented afterwards and the best approach was awarded).

New disruptive organizational Concept

The amc Group accompanies the transformation of procurement towards more agility, speed, more effective use of resources and innovative strength. With the Value Added Network (VAN) we have developed a new, disruptive process, organization and digitization concept for procurement.
Are you interested in modern, agile, digitalized and clearly structured procurement? Then work with us to develop your target image for future procurement and develop your individual transformation plan. The participants of the 3rd Future Workshop Procurement have already started.

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