amc Procurement BI: The individual Solution for better Procurement Decisions

Business Intelligence Tools (BI for short) are now standard tools in procurement. With their analysis of expenditures and requirements, they provide an important basis for strategic procurement. However, standard technology alone does not bring any benefits. The decisive factor is the logical linking of all relevant procurement data and presentation of comprehensible reports in a user-friendly, intuitive, flexible interface in a solution designed individually for your company.
Know more, shop better
Modern tools like amc Procurement BI don’t just look back into the past. Procurement BI from amc harmonizes and combines highly complex information in such a way that you receive excellent analyses, forecasts, KPIs, evaluations and benchmarks for effective strategic procurement decisions.
What amc Procurement BI brings to strategic procurement:

  • Risk management: The analysis of global material flows with suppliers and the evaluation of index-based market prices enable an effective risk management from the procurement department.
  • Price forecast: Based on historical values, you receive forecasts for all relevant material price developments.
  • Transactions: With the help of amc Procurement BI you can identify potentials for optimized transactions within product groups or with suppliers.
  • Maverick Buying: By comparing the expenses managed by the procurement department with the actual company expenses, you can quickly and easily identify Maverick Buying.
  • Payment and delivery terms: See payment terms, cash discount losses, and delivery terms for all expenses, and adjust payment and delivery terms in real time.
  • Supplier rating: With the current delivery and quantity accuracy, you can monitor the most important KPIs for your supplier rating from within the tool.
  • Price benchmarks: For all materials and services, you generate price benchmarks against selected comparative values.
  • Working Capital: The transparency of the tied capital allows you to optimize your working capital precisely.
  • Value contribution: Procurement BI from amc integrates all your procurement successes and comprehensively shows the value contribution you have made.

Since 2002, amc has been advising procurement on strategic, tactical and operational issues. We are very familiar with the problems and challenges of procurement and procurement-specific data. Procurement BI from amc creates the proven basis for your future strategic decisions.
Using our agile project approach, we individualize and implement the tool for you in just a few weeks.
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