eProcurement Matchmaker: Platform for Digital Solutions in Procurement

Around 200 eSolutions for procurement – from full-service suites to smaller apps – are available on the German-speaking market.  Even for procurement professionals it is anything but easy to find an eSolution that meets their requirements. Since this year, the online tool eProcurement Matchmaker, a joint project of amc Group, BME and Trovarit, which will enter the second round in 2020, has been helping with market screening and selection.

For smaller Projects and the Longlist

The tool is ideal for manageable project volumes that do not require opulent license packages. Buyers can currently find around 150 eProcurement solutions in the open area of the eProcurement Matchmaker, which can be roughly pre-selected for an initial matching. If you need more detail, you can register (free of charge) and get much more information about the individual systems and application possibilities in the detail view.

Digital Selection and awarding Tool

Even the allocation can be organized: A detailed sample requirement specification (for classical and agile approaches) for technical, IT-technical and general requirements can be processed simultaneously and distributed by all relevant stakeholders. The finalized specifications and other documents for a professional RFx can then be sent to the longlist via the platform. Thus, for the first time, a completely digital allocation for e-solutions in procurement is possible.

The right digital Solution for Procurement

At the moment, 50 suppliers are listed with their solutions in the detailed, closed area and can be selected more and more finely via numerous filters. The goal for the coming year is to fully depict the market overview from the open area in detail as well.
Nobody else offers this comprehensive market transparency. Anyone who wants to get a well-founded, selectable overview of the market for digital solutions for procurement should definitely stop by the platform: www.eprocurement-matchmaker.de
Our recommendation: If your project scope is larger, if you want to make your procurement processes fit for the future and IT robust, if you want to clean up with grown inefficiencies, if you need further support for the selection and allocation process of a digital solution for procurement that fits your requirements, the team of the amc Group will support you.

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