Future Workshop Procurement: Interview with Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich (CBS)

The Cologne Business School (CBS) and amc are jointly organizing the 3rd Future Workshop Procurement on 26th of September in Cologne. This year’s headline: „Redefining the value contribution of procurement with agile methods“. We discussed the event and agile procurement with CBS President and amc Advisory Board member Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich.
Professor Fröhlich, does procurement really need new, agile structures in order to master the challenges of the future?
Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich: Disruption, the call for renewal, does not stop at procurement. If one falls back on Future Proof Procurement model, the two right-wing areas – the primacy of procurement and the creative agency – are still dreams of the future, but they are not completely out of thin air. However, procurement will only reinvent itself and successfully use digital tools to achieve its goals if it also reorganizes itself.
Why agile? What is the use of another, new method?
Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich: Agility only replaces well-known word flexibility, but it must finally be lived. This is about more than just further technical and methodological competence. Agility is a new philosophy that turns entrepreneurial processes to the left and offers a completely new view of problems to be solved.
What role does procurement play in this process?
Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich: I see procurement as the company’s future hub. Companies today find themselves in the area of tension between globalization, sustainability and digitization. Procurement plays a decisive role as an interface to suppliers. Companies are only as sustainable, digital or innovative as their suppliers. And then there is the matter of Porter’s Value Chain. As long as we continue to define production, logistics and sales as the main drivers of business success, we will not master the future.
Why are you as a university again co-organizer of the future workshop of amc?
Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich: I appreciate the fact that amc always has an open ear for new ideas. It’s rare for consulting companies to really break new ground and pick up on concepts that are not yet well-known and for which you have to do persuasive work.
What role do you see the Cologne Business School in?
Prof. Dr. Lisa Fröhlich: The CBS sees itself as a moderator of a new understanding of management. With our new teaching and learning formats, we try to implement exactly this necessary agility in our university.
3rd Future Workshop Procurement on 26th of September in Cologne: Click here to register

  • Do you need an agile procurement? Are you interested in the concept? Would you like to learn more about the method and its benefits for procurement? Then register here for the Future Procurement Workshop.
  • Attention: The places are limited by the workshop character.

Further information on content, procedure and conditions can be found at: www.amc-group.de/zukunftswerkstatt

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