Recruiting in Procurement

When procurement is looking for new employees, it competes with other companies and other corporate functions. Read how to attract the right people to your organization.
Digitization requires new strategies from HR departments, especially in the area of recruitment. The prerequisite is a comprehensive digital basic understanding in order to be able to identify the right applicants. In many companies, however, the personnel department is a purely executive organ for a position to be filled in other departments. The requirements for the position itself are formulated by the specialist departments and passed on to the personnel department.

Who are you looking for?

When the procurement department needs new specialists, it is looking less and less for employees for the operative environment, but wants to strengthen itself purposefully in the strategic-tactical procurement environment. Because this working environment is usually underpinned by modern, electronic systems, buyers need a modern, digital basic understanding. Just as the English language is a must in today’s globalized procurement world, digital skills in procurement are also mandatory.

How to check digital Skills

Nevertheless, little attention is paid to digital competence in the application process. While English skills can be tested well in job interviews, IT skills are not so easy to check. Large companies use assessments in which the participants master tasks with the help of digital tools. At the same time, medium-sized companies in particular should be careful not to unsettle up-and-coming, suitable candidates with excessively high requirements.

This is what Candidates should bring with them

Rather, it is worth taking a look at the essentials:

  • Good buyers must be able to collaborate both internally and externally and promote cooperation between the various stakeholders.
  • Strategic buyers need a high degree of analytical skills and should be very agile and flexible in times of highly dynamic processes.
  • In order to create internal added value in ongoing operations, strategic buyers also need a good understanding of the requirements of operative procurement.

In order to attract employees to procurement – this is often referred to as „digital employer branding“ – companies should also keep an eye on the evaluations and testimonials of other and former employees in the social media. Platforms like Kununu create a lot of transparency here, not always to the advantage of the evaluated employers.

Promote the Attractiveness of your Procurement Activity

This example also shows how digitization is further developing our society and exerting pressure on corporate culture and organization. The principle is that employers are attractive when they offer more than fair pay. Applicants who have a choice from several offers take a particularly close look here.
Social factors such as an open working atmosphere, transparent development stages and flexible working time models to ensure a work-life balance are decisive for a yes to an employer. And last but not least, the recommendation: Communicate and advertise the attractiveness of your procurement on career portals, in internal and external media (e.g. via success stories and project reports).

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