Review of BME eSolution days: Which System is the right one?

The digitization wave is rolling and has major impacts on procurement. This can be seen from the record number of visitors to the BME eSolution Days (1400 participants, 100 exhibitors). Which one is the right system? Many procurement managers asked this question to the amc in Düsseldorf.

The BME eSolution Days are the major information platform for eSolutions in procurement. In the tenth year of the event, 1400 participants attended 100 exhibitors, presentations and workshops to find out more about digitalization of procurement. amc was one of them and answered questions of procurement managers in Düsseldorf.

Procurement and project managers have these questions:

  • Which is the right system for our procurement department?
  • Which functionalities are important?
  • Do we have the right processes for digitization?
  • How do we accompany the transformation process in procurement?

In fact, they were in the right place asking amc. Thanks to our many years of collaboration on the BME eSolution Report, our input on BME eProcurement Matchmaker and our experience from countless implementation projects, we have the expertise to successfully support IT projects in procurement from system selection to rollout.

You should clarify this in procurement:

  • What goals do you pursue with system implementation?
  • Which functions do you need when?
  • What other framework conditions are necessary for a fast, positive realization and implementation?

A structured process is crucial. The central question is: Where in procurement do you want to become more effective, better and faster? And: Is that possible with the current process structure? Therefore, you should first review your procurement processes and reorganize if necessary. On this basis, the structured system selection takes place via a detailed requirement specification, an evaluation system agreed with all stakeholders, RFx request, evaluation and proof-of-concept.

That’s what we do for you:

We see ourselves as a compass through the market of eSolutions for procurement. We accompany you during market screening and system selection. We support the transformation process of your procurement department and maneuver you safely to the right electronic solution for your procurement processes. Use the input from the BME eSolution days and implement your project now. We‘re happy to support you!

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