Talent Development in Procurement: Act now!

The requirements for procurement organizations are increasing, and so is the need for training. Digitization entails major changes. To make procurement teams fit for their new tasks, a mix of e-learning, webinars, Face-to-Face training and coaching is recommended.
In modern organizations, procurement professionals work across departments in global teams. Therefore, communication skills, language skills and intercultural know-how are mandatory. Cross-functional global cooperation hardly works in industrial companies without a technical background and excellent process know-how. In addition, digitization makes many administrative tasks superfluous. To make long-term employees fit for a transformation, targeted, systematic personnel development is required.

Digitization makes many activities superfluous

Innovation managers, risk managers, network designers, gatekeepers, controllers – these are just a few of the role profiles that modern procurement organizations need to live up to their claim as value drivers in the company. In order to operate successfully in procurement, new competencies and roles are necessary. Determining these is the basis for modern personnel development. Digitization makes this topic urgent because many procurement jobs will be obsolete.

New competence model for procurement

Create a competence model for your procurement department together with amc. This includes:

  • Standardized role profiles based on the amc standards,
  • defined competencies and the development of competencies according to role (target profiles),
  • competence assessment of all employees (current situation),
  • target / actual comparison (gap analysis) to identify strengths & weaknesses.

In 4 weeks to the Inhouse Procurement Academy

Based on the competence model, you implement your in-house Procurement Academy for personnel development in procurement in cooperation with us in four weeks. Important facts:

  • Our focus is on the systematic development of the functional competencies of procurement professionals.
  • All employees are specifically trained for their new roles.
  • You benefit from high-quality high-impact e-learning courses that have similar effects to Face-to-Face trainings.
  • Your teams train in the ideal mix of e-learning, webinars, Face-to-Face training and project coaching.
  • We adapt all training modules individually to your needs.

The amc Academy concept includes:

  • Definition of all competencies, roles and the modification of competencies according to every role,
  • online-analysis of training needs,
  • self-assessment for every competence,
  • role-specific training plans,
  • Training organization.

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