Value Engineering: amc launches Value Cloud

With the amc Value Cloud, a lack of transparency about material costs is a problem of the past. The amc Value Cloud provides efficient cost benchmarks for calculations and analyses in procurement as part of value engineering. This improves the data situation for cost and value analyses enormously!
In most companies and industries, strategic procurement has some weaknesses even in efficient processes and effective methods, which the amc Value Cloud eliminates with the help of an optimal database.

Do you know the costs of your suppliers?

Strategic buyers usually develop individual product group strategies for their important core topics. But when it comes to implementation, employees quickly reach their limits. Often there is a lack of transparency about the actual costs of suppliers and sub-suppliers or the existing information situation is limited.
TCO considerations are therefore only possible on a rudimentary basis. In addition, there are no consistent benchmark values for the individual parameters. Especially in strategic product groups, important levers remain unused.

amc Value Cloud determines cost and value potential

Increasing this cost and value potential is possible with the amc Value Cloud! The amc Value Cloud enables an international benchmarking of companies, materials and services on a very detailed level. For this the Value Cloud provides information on how:

  • Supplier overhead costs (material, manufacturing, social costs, administrative overhead costs, development costs, maintenance costs, etc.)
  • Product costs of the supplier (material costs, manufacturing costs, special direct costs, packaging, freight, customs duties, etc.)
  • The database is based on historical analyses, individually compiled information about suppliers, generally available information (e.g. excerpts from government publications) and data provided by suppliers via a standardized questionnaire.
  • The benchmarks are based on numerous current information sources (e.g. on wages and salaries, material costs, overhead factors, production costs, indices) as well as on data generated in past projects in a practical manner.
  • All daily updated data suppliers are directly connected to the Value Cloud via interfaces (API).

With its unique database, the amc Value Cloud provides the methodology and structure for effective value engineering. In addition, the system provides you with daily updated benchmark data on central cost drivers.

Detailed supplier data and benchmarks

With the help of the depth of detail and transparency of the amc Value Cloud and the benchmarks, procurement receives a significantly improved starting point for cost and value analyses. The dialogue with the suppliers starts at a completely different starting point. Within the framework of supplier workshops, for example, the analysis takes place in three stages:
1.cost analysis: cost-break-down, detailed cost and price transparency
2.value analysis: identify improvement potentials and innovations
3. future analysis: target image and supplier development plan
Parallel to this, it is possible within the scope of target costing to

  • target prices for products and services,
  • target prices and detailed specifications are specified in tenders and confirmed by suppliers.

How to use the amc Value Cloud

In addition to the internet-based amc Value Cloud (licenses via amc), our experienced consulting team also supports you in the effective implementation of all identified potentials. If you are interested in a further exchange or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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