The amc Value Added Network (VAN): amc’s disruptive organizational Concept is highly popular

Networking, digitalization, end-to-end consideration: numerous developments present great challenges for procurement in its current structure. Many companies have recognized this, are questioning their organizational structure and want to make their procurement organization fit for the future. With the Value Added Network (VAN) amc presents a new, disruptive organizational concept for procurement. The fact that the VAN is coming is undisputed among experts.

Dr. Ulrich Anders (CBS) moderates 3rd Future Workshop Procurement on 26th of September in Cologne

Dr. Ulrich Anders, Professor of Strategic Management at the Cologne Business School (CBS), will lead through the 3rd Future Workshop Procurement of amc and CBS at the Design Offices in Cologne on 26 September 2019. The event looks into future agile working worlds and organisational forms of procurement. The participants will work together in agile sprints on the topic of the Future Workshop „Redefining the value contribution of procurement with agile methods“. In addition a Keynote and impulse lectures of start-ups. Registration via this website!

3rd Future Workshop amc & CBS: Agile Impulses for your Procurement. Register now!

Under the slogan „Redefining the value contribution of procurement with agile methods“, amc and CBS will hold its 3rd Future Workshop on Procurement in Cologne on 26th September 2019. The successful concept provides a current insight into the world of agile working methods and organization. Use the Future Workshop as an important source of inspiration for your modern procurement and secure your place today!

Why digitalize?

System implementations and digitization are costly and full of risks. And how can the value contribution of procurement be increased?
We see three success factors for a value-adding and thus successful digitalization of procurement. 1. Clarity about one’s own objectives and relevant criteria for system selection. 2. Realism, focus and openness in the implementation. 3. Measurable increase in value contribution through consistent system use. But how? A roadmap.

Artificial Intelligence in Procurement: Learning on a particular Project

Procurement spends a lot of time analysing order, performance and market data, especially as its operational tasks are increasingly receding into the background as a result of digitization. If artificial intelligence comes into play alongside classical data evaluation, further potentials and possibilities arise. Anyone who wants to use these methods should define concrete fields of application and gain experience in initial projects.